Social-Emotional Learning

在MVS,我们相信教育整个孩子. Social-emotional learning (SEL) at MVS begins in the early childhood school and continues through 12th grade. 在儿童早期和低年级, 学生参加“朋友与关怀”课程, 学校辅导员授课, 谈论管理情绪, 建立健康的人际关系, and developing empathy. 在中学和高中, 学生们在小型咨询小组中会面,这是课程安排的常规部分, 他们的指导老师在哪里提供重要的学术和社会支持. 一直到十二年级, our teachers, advisors, and school counselors create a safe and supportive environment to teach students how to manage their emotions, show empathy for others, 培养非语言沟通技巧, appreciate themselves, respect differences, manage conflict, 履行道德和社会责任.

In a post-pandemic world, it’s clear that youth mental health is a pressing issue for the children in our lives. At MVS, we grow interpersonal skills and invest in our students’ overall well-being as an essential part of academic and personal achievement.

Advisory in 初中和高中

MVS咨询计划是初中和高中的特色. 在那个部门当学生的时候, he/she will have the same teacher advisor throughout his/her time in that division. This allows for the advisors and students to develop strong mentoring relationships.

Advisory meetings occur weekly throughout the school year and provide opportunities for team building, 社区外展及品格教育. 社区服务规划以咨询方式进行, 而社区服务项目则由咨询机构来执行. 学术咨询是我们咨询计划的另一个核心组成部分, 作为顾问,在整个课程选择过程中指导学生和家庭. 在MVS,顾问是学生和家庭值得信赖的倡导者.

Health & Wellness

The health and wellness program at MVS is a resource for the community to become more aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. 我们的健康和保健团队由五个人组成:我们的学校辅导员, nurse, athletic trainer, 高中保健教师, and safety & security coordinator. Students have access to at least two of these resources five days/week and can go to them for mental, emotional, 身体健康问题以及紧急情况.


我们学生的整体健康是最重要的. In addition to our 社会情绪学习计划 在EC-12年级,我们有两名全职持牌专业辅导员. Ms. Christie Kemper works with early childhood and lower school students and serves as the 学校辅导主任. Mr. 亚伦·洛佩兹(Aaron Lopez)是中学和高中的辅导员. Both Ms. Kemper and Mr. 对于有特殊问题的学生来说,洛佩兹是值得信赖的资源, question or concern that may have a negative impact on their overall well-being and academic experience. 全天欢迎所有学生参观我们的办公室.

School Counseling Team

Our Clubs

Clubs and activities at MVS ignite students’ curiosity and encourages individual interests and passions. 以下是精选俱乐部的样本, 定期更新的产品在Canvas上为当前的父母提供.

Clubs Available

Lower School Clubs

  • Chess Club
  • Culinary Club
  • Helping Hands
  • Holiday Baking
  • Knitting Club
  • Webby Dance

Community Service


The Miami Valley School’s curriculum fosters in students a deep sense of humanity and a commitment to advancing peace in their community and around the globe.

MVS的四个核心价值观之一是善良. 学会善良需要同理心, 在我们学校与他人进行富有同情心的互动, our community, and around the world. We provide frequent and on-going opportunities for our students to practice kindness‚ care, both in spirit and action, about the freedom, dignity, and well-being of others. 我们并不是唯一追求这一理想的国家. We partner with companies, not-for-profits, and service organizations in Dayton and around the world which give our students unique opportunities to acquire the experience and tools to make meaningful contributions in service to others.

Giving back to the community is an integral part of the MVS culture and experience. Our Community Service program begins as early as three years old with students in the Early Childhood School. 在低年级,社区服务项目按年级进行. 适用于初中和高中, the Community Service program is more specifically incorporated throughout the year.

服务他人是我们做人的核心部分. Through service, we challenge students to make a change in their community and in themselves.

We cultivate empathy and awareness of others as we explore issues in our community.
We value the relationships, connections, and impact that result from meaningful service.


As new parents, we knew we had chosen the right place for our children when our third grade daughter was reading Shakespeare, 进行多次沉浸式实地考察, 在淋浴时唱印地语——这些都是在参加mv的头几个月里完成的!"

Rhonda & Stephen Chambal,三个MVS学生的家长

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